Democracy Day!

Hmmmmmm this singular word had been running through my mind all night long as I tossed and turned on my bed because there was no light all thanks to the almighty PHCN and their poor power supply, and the heat was becoming unbearable despite the fact that it rained earlier in the evening.
Could it possibly be 14years ago that the civilians took over power I pondered? 14years had just gone like that? Yea,it is because on May 29th,1999,Baba Olusegun Obasanjo was duly elected as the first civillian President of our nation and there was power transition from the Military who had ruled us for 16years to Civilians!! Waoooh!

So,for fourteen years now,what are the dividends of Democracy? Because we were supposed to stop living in fear and be free from the rule of the gun! Alas, today,fear of the unknown is now the order of the day for every Nigerian! Yea,Fear of Boko Haram and the incessant bombings and killings of poor innocent Nigerians and destruction of properties worth billions of naira! Fear of kidnapping and killings of Nigerians! Fear of armed robbery and prostitution as many of our youths had taken to the hard way of life because of unemployment after years of graduation from various high institutions because they have no OGA AT THE TOP to connect them to the right job! Fear of poverty and hunger! Fear of road accidents all thanks to our *good*roads ! Fear of plane crashes because of poor maintenance and monitoring of the airlines from those in charge of Aviation Industy ! Fear of bribery and corruption and rigging of elections! Fear of death because of poor health amenities as the rich and wealthy can comfortably fly out abroad for proper medical treatment while the poor dies in their thousands! Fear for our children especially those in public schools who cannot afford to be sent to rich private schools for qualitative education as teachers are now non-chalant to teach them properly because of unpaid salaries! Fear for our teenage daughters who are daily sexually abused and left to deal with the psychological trauma of it without any one to legally represent them and brought the culprits to book! Fear for our sons who now takes to hard drugs! Fear of ritualists and other social vices! Unsteady power supply and others etc!

We are calling on our amiable President,His Excellency,President Goodluck Jonathan,Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces,Federal Republic of Nigeria to come to the aid of Nigerians and address some of these issues as we celebrate today!! He had done positively well in some of the areas mentioned and still have a lot more to do for us to fully enjoy Democracy in its truest meaning! Let us breathe the FRESH AIR he promised us! Let us heave a sigh of relief again! Let us smile once more because we are optimistic that God through him will make our Nation the best in Africa and the world as a whole!
We need employment opportunities for our youths! Good Health Care amenities and infrastructures! Peace and Unity in our Country! Joy and Hope for us!!!!

Long Live Nigeria!
Long Live President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces,FRN)

Gracious Grace Nmah

President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

proudly nigerian

proudly nigerian

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    What democracy day are we celebrating? After 14 years of civilian rule, there’s no improved infrastructure; the ones we had in the days of the military has gone. Our Nigeria’s democracy has only succeeded in churning out as many billionaires as possible from our commonwealth… The 14 years ‘democracy’ only created a wider gap between the rich and the poor; turning the lower class to become ‘never-to-be-rich’ citizens… It is a pity that our kind of democracy is a paradox… There is nothing democratic about our Nigerian democracy. A ‘democracy’ where power does not reside in the people, where the welfare of the people is relegated to background and only that of the elected kept at the fore as a regular agenda, where fundamental freedoms and human rights, the core features of democracy have become scarce commodities, where there is gross abuse of power and the use of same to haunt opposition and opponents… DEM CRAZY is Nigeria’s own democracy.

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