They are soft, warm, beautiful, bouncy, sensitive, sexy, curvy, but apart from these are you aware of any other interesting fact about a woman’s breasts?

Breasts are probably the most beautiful part of a woman’s body. They can easily be counted among one of the first things men notice in women. Women are always conscious about their breasts; however, with all due respect, they know very little about them. Apart from arousing sexual desire, breasts also symbolise beauty, femininity.

Not much is taught about breast care – unless there is disease / disomfort or you are speaking of self examination or you are having trouble breastfeeding then most of us probably don’t really give our breasts a lot of attention.

This was certainly true in my own case. But over the last 12 months I had noticed that my breasts were starting to feel heavy and sore most days through my cycle, and definitely worse in the post ovulation phase. I am slightly big breasted but I found my breasts were getting so tender and I dont sleep with a bra on. My breasts were uncomfortabe to touch.

Recently I started an exercise program which included some exercises for the breasts. What I noticed after doing these simple exercises for a few weeks was that my breast tenderness just about disppeared (in fact they are only a little tender pre-menstrually now) and my breasts decreased in size (lost a certain pendulous look) and were more perky and youthful. What I think has happened is that the exercises stimulated the breast tissue and helped them to drain excess fluids out via the lymph nodes in the armpit. It wasn’t an outcome I had aimed for but there it was.

I think any massage to the breast should be done very gently. For myself the exercises are incredibly simple and gentle and include:

Rub hands together to warm them. Place one hand over each breast with nipple resting between thumb and forfinger. Rotate breasts gently upward, outward and then inward. Do this about 24 times.
Warm hands, using four fingers gently rub the whole of the breast in a circular movement around the breast.
Warm hands, using four fingers gently rub the nipple and areola ia circular movement.

Share with us how well you take care of your breast! Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “TAKING CARE OF OUR BREAST! Part 1.

  1. I luv breasts and the bigger the merrier. It’s true women don’t take good care of their breasts this days, becuase of ignorance and lack of information. I know of several women who had, had breast cancer and died from it. GG stated that women should do some breast exercise, especially when the breast felt heavy. Now I know when a women complains about her breast, I’d know exactly what she’d be experiencing. Men, always help take care of your woman’s breast too.

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