ENUGU-The remains of the departed literary icon, Professor Chinua Achebe arrived Enugu at exactly 12.35pm today.

A private aircraft belonging to Overland Nigeria marked 5N-BPE brought the Dark Brown casket wrapped with dark blue lace to the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu from Abuja.

Professor Mrs Christie Achebe, his widow, his children and Engr Austin Achebe, his elder brother and leader of the Achebe family were among personalities on ground at the airport to receive his corpse.

A dark Mercedes Benz R500 belonging to M.I.C funeral undertakers conveyed the casket to the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus where a number programmes had been line up by members of the academic community to bid Achebe goodbye.



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  1. Papa – Nno! I refuse to say good-bye! It pains and it hurts but the foot-prints are there for the world to see! Okpotokpo Nwa NdiIgbo! Odogwu! Onu na ekwulu ora! Obaludike egwu! Oke mmanwu! As you leave the earth orbit – we are comforted you will hit the face of God in glory! You left as with there was once a country – Papa rapu – we will look for it and we shall find it! The relics of the past the ashes of our people and the desolate huts and shrines of our gods we shall use to forensically unearth it and discover what went wrong and why the country was buried in lies! Je nke oma! Oge gi zulu! Ma chi choro ga efo! Chukwu malu ije gi! Good night papa – Odezuligbo!

    Dr. C. J Oke-Nwosu
    Mmilidiogbu/Mgbumgbu Amawbia
    Leeds Teaching Hospital
    Honorary lecturer University of Leeds
    United Kingdom

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